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Interview Eva Zeijlon 12 June 2017

Who knows a city better than a guide? That's exactly what Eva Zeijlon thought when she entered her career as a real estate agent.

Eva, what kind of property is your specialty?

- I work mainly with apartments in the centre of Nice, in the sought-after neighbourhoods of Carré d'Or, Musiciens, Fleurs, the harbour, the old town and Liberation. Of course, I always try to find objects with that little extra something!

You have lived in Nice for more than 20 years. What makes Nice such a unique place?

- To me, Nice is a city that has “everything”! It is a big city and at the same time not too big. In Nice, everything is close; the sea, nature, the alps, Italy ... Nice is the capital of the Alpes Maritimes region and the hub of the area. When you live in central Nice, you have access to a vast variety of cultural events, museums, art exhibitions, interesting lectures and great restaurants - all year round! Another advantage of Nice is the well-functioning public transport. You can do well without a car, when there is the bus, the tramway, the free «blue bikes», municipal electric cars for rent, etc. I shall point out that you can get your groceries delivered free of charge from most food stores in the town centre when shopping for over 50 €, so why deprive yourself of this small every day-luxury?

What is your best tip for Scandinavians who want to buy a property in Nice? 

- Contact me (laughter)! Find out which neighbourhood you like the best. You should set up a list of criteria before you start looking; what are your priorities? The more information I have, the easier it is for me to find your dream home. Anyone looking for an apartment in the centre of Nice should not focus on finding a property with parking space, it limits the choice, and as I mentioned earlier it is not indispensable to own a car.

You are an authorized French guide and know just about everything about our beautiful region. What is your own favourite spot on the Riviera?

- To me there are many different spots, depending on the season. For example, I love to have lunch at "Blue Beach" in January – wearing short sleeves! In the summer, I take the train or the bus to Mala beach in Cap d'Ail with my snorkelling equipment, then I walk along the sea all the way to Monaco. In May, I enjoy a picnic in the shade of the olive trees in the Arènes de Cimiez garden during the popular May feast. In the autumn, I go to the vineyards on the Bellet Hill when they have a weekend "Portes Ouvertes"; open house. Last but not least, I would also like to mention the Musee Cheret on the Baumette hill, which is well worth a visit.

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