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Interview with Frédéric Laffargue 26 June 2017

Frédéric has an extensive experience as a sales agent on the Côte d'Azur. He is based in Cannes and specializes in this sector as well as in Le Cannet and the towns of Golfe-Juan and Mandelieu.

Frédéric, do you see a difference between properties that appeal to Scandinavian buyers and those that appeal to French buyers?

- I would say that there is really no difference between foreign clients and French clients looking for a second home. The criteria are the same: maximum 15 minutes’ walk from the sea, a terrace and the wish to have a sea view or at least a clear view. For main residences, the demands vary more.

How has the property market on the Côte d'Azur evolved over the last 10 years? 

- The market has undergone many fluctuations. Prices are now stabilizing, but properties whose price has been fixed above market prices remain for sale for very long. It is sometimes difficult to convince sellers to accept this fact. Of course, everyone has their financial requirements but today we must remain very flexible.

Give us three good reasons to choose Cannes! 

- It is a dynamic city with many congresses, which boosts the local economy, a city constantly modernizing its infrastructures, and a safe city, ideal for year-round living or for a good holiday!

We have heard that you are a great traveller. Apart from Cannes, what is your favourite destination in France or in the world? 

- South Africa, Indonesia and Thailand!

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