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Interview with Johanna Malmberg 19 June 2017

Johanna has lived and worked in France for almost 17 years. She specializes in Antibes and its surroundings - a town that has become her home and that she knows perfectly.

Johanna, what kind of properties do you mainly propose?

Primarily apartments in central Antibes, but also houses within a slightly larger radius. My work area also covers Juan-les-Pins and Golfe-Juan. Most clients looking for an apartment in Antibes want it to be within walking distance of the town-centre and the beaches, while those who buy houses are somewhat more mobile.

Why Antibes?

Because it is a city of perfect size; neither too big nor too small – in Swedish we would call it “lagom”! (Laughter). It is a quiet and safe town for families with children, but at the same time lively, with many different events all year round. There are much less traffic congestions here than in Cannes and Nice. Beautiful beaches can be found in both Antibes and Juan-les-Pins.

You maintain a strong connection with the Swedish community and you are actively engaged in the organization SWEA, for working Swedish women abroad. What is your best advice for Swedish (or English) families with children who want to move to France?

Find out as much as possible before moving. It may take time to find the right school, kindergarten, etc.Do not hesitate to contact the Swedish Riviera Club, who can give tips and advice about almost everything concerning life on the Riviera. English expatriates can contact the “Angloinfo French Riviera”. A great advantage of Antibes is the proximity to the “Centre International de Valbonne”, the most renowned multilingual high school and upper secondary school in the region.

You often hear that the French bureaucracy is very complicated, but is there anything you think works better here in France than in Sweden?

Health Care and Dental care! There are shorter waiting lists to see a specialist doctor, to have surgery, etc. There are many more private doctors, which makes it easier to choose your practitioner, while at the same time healthcare is not much more expensive here than in Sweden. The school system also works very well.

What would you rather do on a day off?

Hang out with family and friends, go to the gym or read.

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