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Interview with Lise Caspar 12 June 2017

Lise is Norwegian, she has worked as a real estate agent in France for 18 years, selling properties and new developments along the French Riviera from Marseille to Menton. Lise studied in Norway and Paris, she worked for the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Oslo and later as head of the language department in Lillehammer's Olympic Organizing Committee. She moved to France in 1994 and has lived in several places in the Var and Alpes-Maritimes areas. She speaks Norwegian, French and English.

Lise, what kind of properties are you specialised in? 

- I work first and foremost with new projects, but also with existing objects, of course. All real estate agents are not familiar with selling new projects, so it is important to choose one who is really specialized in this area. You work differently when you sell new projects compared with existing homes. The buying process is different and requires a very careful follow-up, sometimes for several years.

Which are the benefits of buying in new projects? 

- Being able to move in to a completely new home in perfect condition. Being able to make personal choices during the course of the building, like tiles, floors, etc. There is a ten-year guarantee on the structure and a two-year guarantee on all installations. Another great advantage is reduced notary expenses, which instead of about 7,5% are between 2 and 2,5%. Something that can be a disadvantage to some but an advantage to others is that it can take up to two years before the home is delivered.

In which area do you work? 

- I am based in Nice, but I actually work all across the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var, from Menton to Sainte Maxime. After 18 years as a real estate agent here in France, I know exactly what my customers are looking for and I choose projects that I know will suit our Scandinavian buyers. Of course, there may be many different criteria, but there are some that suit Scandinavians especially well when it comes to location, exposition, the size of the terrace, and so on.

How did you start working with real estate? 

- In Norway, I worked for the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and later with developing language services for the Olympic committee during the Lillehammer Olympics. When I later moved to France, I was contacted by a builder who was interested in the Scandinavian market, that is how it all started ...

The picture we have of Norwegians is that they are very sporty and love to go trekking? Is this a fair picture? 

- (Laughs), Yes, it is true! Most Norwegians love to be out in the wild. That is one of the things they love about this area – you will find many incredible hiking trails, and there are lots of beautiful areas at only 30 minutes from the coast. I myself also like to go to Italy when I have a day off, it is very close and very relaxing.

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